Estate Planning Services Overview

Our firm is pleased to provide additional resources to assist you with your Estate Planning needs. Please visit our Estate Planning, Living Trusts, Pet Planning and Wills pages for valuable free reports and short educational videos. Learn all you need to know about Estate Planning.

Our estate planning services include a wide range of practice areas. These include the following:

Basic and Advanced Estate Planning

If you have a well-drafted estate plan in place, we insure that our clients estate passes to whom you want, when you want, and is carried out in the manner you’ve chosen.

If you elect to establish a trust, you can rest assured that your family won’t have to endure the public process and costly manner of probate. Also with proper estate planning, the government won’t be able to take what you’ve spent a lifetime building. You need to aware of the many options that exist in estate planning – and you must choose your attorney wisely.

That is why the Law Offices of Barton P. Levine offers this wealth of free information and free estate planning seminars. We want you to feel confident about the choices you make – let us be your guide on the path toward preserving your family’s future.

Through the use of Wills, Living Trusts (simple and complex), Irrevocable Trusts,  Family Limited Liability Companies, Family Limited Partnerships, Charitable Gifting Strategies,  Durable General Powers of Attorney, Health Care Proxies, HIPPA forms and Living Wills, we help families preserve their wealth for future generations, minimize estate taxes and avoid expensive and lengthy probate proceedings.

We invite you to call us toll-free at (888) 268-4425, or contact us online to arrange for a free consultation.

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Family-Owned Businesses

Our law firm offers estate planning assistance for the unique needs of family businesses. We help clients preserve this important part of their legacy for future generations.

Estate Planning for the GLBT Community

We offer guidance and assistance to members of the GLBT community on their unique estate planning needs. This often involves Living Trusts and the preparation of various ancillary documents.

IRA & Retirement Planning

Our law firm has experience in the complex area of estate planning with IRAs and other retirement plans. We help ensure clients and their beneficiaries are protected by employing tax reduction techniques.

Asset Protection & Business Planning

We help clients who are small business owners and those who are most susceptible to being sued by assisting with lawsuit and asset protection. We also assist with business succession planning and small business planning. Some of the tools and strategies used are Family Limited Partnerships, Limited Liability Companies and Buy-Sell Agreements.

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